Hair fall is a wide spread concern today for almost all young and elderly persons. Hair fall occurs both in males as well as females. Since hair fall  has direct impact on a person’s looks, everybody wishes that he or she should have good and dense hair.

If we see our ancient medical and wellness sciences, there is a lot of literature on hair. That means, hair has always been a key role in looks and beauty. There are many therapies, medicines and special treatments available in traditional texts on hair fall.

Ayurveda is an enriched medical science. There is lot of information on various  medicinal plants, herbs which work best in hair fall. There are remedies  not only on  hair fall but it also states the remedies to stop greying of hair,hair thinning etc.

Why there is sudden so much increase in the hair fall cases? Was this problem existing before in ancient days too? Does hair fall have any co – relation with our lifestyle, diet etc? Is hair fall an independent disorder or it always shows as a side effect  of some other disorder? There are many such questions which arise in thoughts and we try to find answers for it.

Ayurved has answers to all these questions. Why Ayurved? The reason is Ayurved is a science which looks and considers any disorder in a wholestic manner. So when it is hair problem, it may not be just hair, but some other physical or psychological disorder which leads to hair fall.

Very frequently it is observed that in Thyroid gland dysfunction, polycystic ovarian syndrome, obesity, acidity like disorders, there is frequent hair fall associated.

Another good reason for hair fall is  your  daily diet.  To have best hair, one needs best nutrition and the best nutrition comes through diet.Excessive consumption of deep fried snacks, salty snacks, pickles,sauce etc works adversely on hair. The main enemy of hair is salt. The optimum level of salt in diet is essential but to have more salty snacks frequently can lead to hair fall.

Hair fall also has lot to do with metabolism. Ayurved firmly believes that there are three dosha, seven dhatu and three mala in the body. At the same time there are satva, raj and tama guna which influence the mind.

Whatever a person eats gets digested at macro and micro levels through metabolism and penetrates in the body to nourish different organs. Hair is one of them. So, good diet and good metabolism is important to recover from hair fall.

The common tendency  in hair fall is to apply and try different kind of shampoo, conditioner, serum like external applications to hair. With these applications, hair certainly looks good for a time being  and goes back to its original state. This happens because there is no internal needed corrections in the diet, nutrition etc. Only external application in hair fall will not give any permenant solution to the problem. In fact, only use of these things without proper medication can be harmful in long run.

It is interesting to know that in Ayurved there are products like hair shampoo, hair conditioner which are prepared from natural medicinal plants. It does not contain any harmful chemicals in it. It makes hair clean, smooth and gives hair a proper luster and complete healthy look. These natural medicinal herbs penetrates through hair roots and gives good local nourishment to hair roots.

There are also many good sidhh tailam, that is freshly prepared hair oil. These hair oil should be used along with the medicines so that the internal ailment causing hair fall can be corrected and hair also gets localized treatment at hair roots.

One should never ignore hair fall. It is main indication in many physical disorders. It is important to note that, if hair fall is because of some underlying disease it will never get corrected unless the underlying disorder is corrected with proper treatment. If there is Hypothyroidism or PCOD hair fall is one of the few common symptoms.

In such a cases, only nutrition correction or external applications to hair will not solve the problem because the underlying cause is different. The cause-effect analysis is essential here. It is observed that once underlying cause is treated properly, hair fall also comes under control. Then concentrating only on hair fall with medicines and external applications will improve the situation further.

In hair fall, more the chemical uses more the harm. We get many herbal preparations in the market, which are actually not complete natural. To be vigilant about these fact is necessary before applying it to hair. So proper treatment of underlying disease, good nutrition, and lastly good natural applications to hair will bring down the hair fall and will lead to healthy hair.