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Ayurveda is a scientific medical science. It very specifically deals with "Health" . It also deals with various disorders and treats them completely. There should be utmost efforts in avoidance of disease is the first principal of Ayurveda. So obviously it guides us in a very simple way to health. more 

We are all, part of the nature. As sun rises there are certain consequential events on earth. There is rise of energy and lots of activity around. As the sun sets,nature slows down in it's activity and darkness leads to a complete calm and quietness in the nature.

Ojas is the best Ayurveda Treatment Centre in Pune India. Ojas offers Ayurvedic Treatments in Hairfall, Thyroid, Kidney Stone, PCOD, Weight Loss, Infertility.. more 

Listen lectures on various diseases (in marathi language)

On Radio : Lecture on 'Different occupations and their effects on your lifestyle'  Listen Lectures (in Marathi Language) of Dr Sarita Vaidya on Ayurveda on Global radio Channel Marathi internet radio Click on the following link and play the radio to listen lecture in marathi.

Following are the Lectures of Dr Sarita Vaidya on World Radio in Marathi Language:


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